« War on the dance floor » is the perfect way to describe French PAVILLON ROUGE’s music: an explosive mix including hardcore techno beats, a genuine ‘80s new wave vibe and extreme metal guitars. Since 2009, these guys have been working on creating their very unique take on industrial music and each of their catchy, crazy tracks provides a delightful shot of power and ecstasy.

Pavillon Rouge is now coming back with a new album, « Dynasteïa Klub », which can be seen as an epic opera on a cosmic dance floor. The lyrics refer to Ancient Greek Philosophy and tackle topics such as self-discipline, joyfulness and forgiveness. Drawn to the dance floor and more upbeat than ever, the band will promote the album with a brand new video clip and many concerts across Europe.

The album will be released on march 30th through Dooweet Agency/Season of Mist.